The 10 Senate Seats Most Likely To Flip In 2021

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Wade, or uphold specific state laws that could undermine the court’s 1973 ruling establishing a nationwide right to abortion. Last week Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed into law a bill that could punish doctors who perform abortions with up to life in prison. The party has made inroads in some unexpected places, while also holding off strong challengers or remaining competitive in rural districts that voted for the President by double digits four years ago and may back him again this year. “While Gov. Edwards and I disagree on a lot of things, I’m proud that he stands for life,” Republican Rep. With the result of the Georgia US Senate election earlier this month, both chambers of Congress are now controlled by Democrats. The co-chairs will be Bob Bauer, a former White House counsel to President Barack Obama and currently a New York University law professor, and Cristina Rodriguez, a Yale law professor who early in her career was a law clerk to former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor. Arkansas’ Republican-controlled legislature just passed a handful of bills that are similar to Georgia’s law, including a provision that would effectively criminalize handing out water or food to those waiting in line to vote. It depends what state they’re running in, but Democrats may look to use this issue to paint their GOP opponents as out of touch, especially in places like Nevada and New Hampshire.

But Sununu has said he won’t make a move until the end of the legislative session, which is next month, so until he decides what to do, the Republican field is in a holding pattern. The public appearance by the pair of congressional candidates, who are both face GOP primaries, suggests that supporting the jailed rioters is something they believe could give them a boost with their conservative base. Louis suburbs. In Nebraska’s 2nd District — which is also important at the presidential level because the state splits its electoral votes — GOP Rep. Under the bill, a doctor who violates the prohibition could face a prison sentence of up to two years, along with medical license revocation. When Texas abortion ban Senate Bill 8 took effect on September 1, phones at the four Whole Woman’s Health abortion clinics in the state wouldn’t stop ringing. “We know patients are being forced to travel out of state for care-and many of the surrounding states have wait times up to six weeks. Edwards, a Catholic running for reelection this year, didn’t hold a public bill signing or issue a statement about it, instead announcing his action through his office.