Dog Vaccination Schedule

Puppies Vaccinations: 4 sets $50 each

6 Weeks – DAP, Capstar, dewormer and Exam
9 Weeks – DAP+4L and Trifexis
12 Weeks – DAP+4L and Bordetella
15-16 Weeks – DAP, Rabies and Exam

**Very Small puppies my require that these vaccinations be divided up due to size. The doctor will determine this and an additional visit may be required. No additional charges apply.

Then Annual Exam,
DAP+4L, Rabies, and Bordetella, Heartworm test and Fecal analysis $100
All dogs should receive a monthly heartworm and flea preventative.

Cat Vaccination Schedule

8 Weeks – FeLV/FIV Test, Exam, Dewormer, FeLV+ FVRCP – $75
12 Weeks – FeLV + FVRCP and Exam – $45
16 Weeks – FeLV + FVRCP and Rabies – $65

Then a yearly Comprehensive Exam, FeLV+ FVRCP and Rabies – $65
Strictly outdoor and cats who go inside/outside should be dewormed on a yearly basis. Cost is around $15-23 (based on size of cat)

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