We strive to provide the highest quality grooming experience for your furry friend. We have trained and experienced groomers ready to pamper your pet.

Our Services

Bath Works Includes: Brushing, Bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, anal gland expression, and Drying

Cat – $35
Small dog <20 lbs – $40
Med Dog 21-50 lbs – $49
Large Dog 51-100 lbs – $56
X large Dog 100+ lbs – $63


Small <20lbs – $56
Medium 21-50lbs – $75
Large 50-100lbs – $95
X large 100+lbs – $205


Cat – $56
Small <20lbs – $46
Medium 21-50lbs – $69
Large 50-100lbs – $92
X large 100+lbs – $145

Sedation – $20

Sometimes it is necessary to provide sedated grooming to pets that are nervous, fractious, aggressive, or wiggly. In some cases sedation may be the only way to provide grooming services that are safe and timely for both pet and groomer.

Sedation for your pet is on a case by case basis and requires a Veterinarians approval and oversight. This may be a service the groomer recommends or one that the pet owner can request.

Medicated Bath

Many times our doctors will recommend specialized bathing treatments to treat a multitude of skin diseases. We carry many prescription shampoos and bathing medications to meet your pets healthcare needs.