Out patient procedures

Spay cat – $115
Spay dog <20lbs – $161
Spay dog 21-60 lbs – $196
Spay dog 60-100 lbs – $225
Spay pot bellied pig 101-130lbs – $242
Spay Guinea Pig – $115
Spay Rabbit – $115
Neuter cat – $87
Neuter dog <20 lbs – $115
Neuter dog 21-60 lbs – $144
Neuter dog 61+ lbs – $173
Neuter Pig >30 lbs – $144
Neuter Guinea Pig – $87
Neuter Rabbit – $144

An I.V. catheter may be placed at the Veterinarian’s discretion to insure I.V. access during surgery ($25). Additionally we always encourage owners to consider Pre-anesthetic blood work prior to any anesthetic procedure to evaluate your pets liver/kidney function.

If your pet is Geriatric 8 years + a Comprehensive panel may be performed. This gives our Staff the ability to make the most informed decision regarding anesthetic medications.

Comprehensive Blood Chemistry – $47

Routine Dental Cleaning and polish

Dog – $185
Cat – $125

Dental procedures can be difficult to quote because of the unknown level of tooth disease prior to sedation and evaluation. Additional expenses could include:
Antibiotics – $20 -$60
Simple tooth extraction – $15 per tooth
Complex tooth extraction – $35 per tooth
Gingival flap surgery – $50

**Older patients will likely be required to have an I.V. catheter and pre-anesthetic blood work
***If you are considering a dental for a pet with significant dental disease please request an exam and estimate prior to the procedure. We will do our best to give you an accurate quote, so that you can make the most informed decision for your pet.